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Let people burn coal for heating if gas supply is inadequate

2017-12-14 10:41:04 Langfang Otte Aluminum Co.,Ltd Readed
The shift from coal to gas for heating in the winter has left tens of thousands of rural families in North China's Hebei province shivering because of the shortage of natural gas. 
Governments at various levels have set aside special funds for the costly yet meaningful undertaking, subsidizing not only the installment of new pipelines and heating facilities, but also part of the future gas bills, which will be two to three times higher than those for coal.
More importantly, the Asian Infrastructure Investment bank has approved a $250 million loan for a project intended to reduce China's coal use by about 650,000 metric tons a year by connecting about 216,750 houses in about 510 villages in Beijing to the gas distribution network, in order to facilitate the smooth progress of the coal-to-gas project.
The project offers several lessons. First, the project, implemented in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, should discard the one-size-fits-all approach. A project of such a magnitude needs to be implemented gradually. For instance, the Beijing municipal government, with its funds and the loan from the AIIB, as well as enough gas and electricity supplies, has enough provisions and reasons to implement the project this year.
Second, the government should give the people the freedom to accept the new mode of heating or continue with the old way while providing subsidies. There is no reason to mandate every household to abandon coal burning and switch to gas for heating in the winter.
Of course, the transformation from coal to gas has to be achieved this year, but it should not be accomplished at the cost of people's suffering in places where the gas supply has not been regularized as yet. In such places, residents should be allowed to burn coal for heating.
But the factory are facing problems: Lack of Natural Gas and The price doubled.
So The aluminum factory will increase their price or stop to take new order before the end of Feb, 2018.